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Durga Dutt Kapilashrami Smarak Sanskrit Mahavidyalay (DDKSSM) trust was founded in 1996 in the memory of Late Shri Durga Dutt Kapilashrami and his wife Smt. Bachi Devi Kapilashrami by their nephews, the Kapilashrami brothers (Madan-Mohan, Dayanand, Chakradhar, Sachidanand and Mahesh-Chandra) who donated ancestral land for school building following the establishment of the non-profit trust (DDKSSM). The DDKSSM school has been in operation since 1997.

In the early years, the main work of organizing the school and ensuring its success was done by the Kapilashrami brothers, with major contributions being made by Late Mr. Madan Mohan Kapilashrami, Dr. Mahesh-Chandra Kapilashrami (President 1997-2007) and Late Mr. Dayanand Kapilashrami (Vice President 1997-2018). The school administration has since its infant stage been guided by Late Dr. Urvish Mishra (school administrator and secretary of the board of trustees, 1998-2017) who oversaw the school and students like his own family.

To ensure long term sustainability of DDKSSM with driving forces from the local community and mere guidance from the Kapilashrami, the DDKSSM trust has predominantly (about 2/3) been represented by prominent members from the local community in Haldwani.

The Kapilashrami family has been represented by Ms. Chhaya Kapilashrami (President 2007 - 2019), late Mr. Dayanand Kapilashrami (Vice President, 1997-2018) and Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami (Trustee 2007-2018, Vice President 2018-2019) who have been managing the trust, expanded DDKSSM's activities and campus as well as organized international fundraising campaigns.

In light of the organization's growing activities, DDKSSM was in 2017 joined by Mr. Anil Kapilashrami to support its trust and operations.

Kapilashrami Brothers.png

Rear (left to right): Shri Sachida Nand, Shri Chakra Dhar

and Dr. Mahesh Chandra Kapilashrami

Front (left to right): Late Shri Daya Nand and Late Shri Madan Mohan Kapilashrami

Board of directors and Opertional Team
Management team
Administrative personnel and staff

The trust (DDKSSM) is composed of nine board of directors (trustees) including two members from the Kapilashrami family and seven local community members:

Board of Directors/Trustees (-2019)*

Ms. Chhaya Kapilashrami (President)

Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami (Vice President)

Mr. Bishambar Patalya (Secretary)

Mr. Lalit Kishore Pandey (Treasurer)

Mr. Anand Harbola (Manager)

Mrs. Shaanti Panth

Mrs. Shaanti Gurani

Mr. Pradeep Ohli

Mr. Sahi Chandra Chanchal

Advisor and Head of Operations

Mr. Anil Kapilashrami

Invited trustees

Mr. Puran Chandra Sharma

Mr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma

Dr. Grish Kandpal

Mr. Shama Gurani

Outreach and Communication

Mr. Rajesh Kapilashrami

Dr. Mukes Kapilashrami

*to be updated

To facilitate DDKSSM's day-to-day operations, the management team is composed of four committees. Each committee is represented by the board of directors, student body and teaching staff.

Hostel Committee

Oversees housing, food and overall wellness of the students.

Temple Committee

Oversees the maintenance of the temple, and temple services provided to local community.

Education Committee

Ensures equitable quality education, curriculum meet requirements equivalent to those offered in government schools, and monitors the students' and teachers' performance.

Campus Maintenance Committee

Oversees and ensures proper maintenance of the school complex, and campus ground  

There are in total 11 staff members supporting the organization in operating the school on day-to-day basis. These include: seven teachers, one admin. officer, two chefs and one warden.

Administrative staff

Coordinates and manages day-to-day administrative and operational duties, including delivery of weekly updates to the board of directors, negotiate purchase orders, procurement of supplies, payment of utility bills and staff salary.


The teachers at DDKSSM not only teach classes but also mentor and coach students outside the class-rooms to ensure all students are provided sufficient support in order to thrive in their education, and grow into confident and responsible citizens.

Kitchen staff

Ensures students are provided healthy and nutritious meals, as well as coordinates the kitchen duties among the students (all students are required to help in the kitchen as part of their training in home economics). Food menu is defined (and revised on regular basis) by the hostel committee.


Ensures students' well-being, discipline and safety on campus.

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