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Ongoing and upcoming projects

Eco farming

​In an initial effort towards Eco farming on campus premises, we successfully harvested our first crop of lentils in 2013.  However, water shortage in the region is making it challenging grow crops and enable sustainable farming.  We are thus looking into engineering opportunities for improving access to ground water onsite. In this pursue, we are reaching out to local farmers, NGOs and other community members to learn where and why others failed, and trying to design a system for controlled irrigation. Our ambition is to pilot a project that works on extraction of ground water for farming in the latter half of 2020.

We welcome ideas and partnerships that would strengthen this pilot project.

Vedas for all
Information to follow.
Higher education
​While we successfully inaugurated a new school building on our campus premises, Madan Mohan Kapilashrami Vidya Mandir, for higher education in 2016. We are currently working towards raising funds and expanding our school administration to qualify and allow us seek government approval for operating an institution for higher education.
​Appreciating our global challenges associated with climate change and energy sustainability, and the importance for action at grass-root levels to overcome the same. Educating our students on environmental sustainability is an important part of our curriculum. While the ambition is to eventually get off the grid and solely rely on solar power, but due to limited funding we are currently working on transitioning to more energy efficient practices including use of LED lightings and reinforcing energy conscious practice among staff members and students.
We are actively looking for partnership with local solar power companies to pilot and work on custom design of micro-grids.

We welcome ideas and partnerships that would strengthen this pilot project.

Girls empowerment
In efforts to enhance computer literacy among girls in developing economies we are working on putting together and pilot a 6 – 8 week long computer training camp to provide girls from neighboring schools (where computer science is not on the curriculum) basic proficiency in working with computers. Specifically, we would provide the students and introduction to MS Office, how to search for information on the web, making presentations as well resumes for job applications.
We are presently trying to raise funds to -
  1. Upgrade our computer lab to enable DDKSSM host students at larger capacity
  2. Procure new computers and related supplies
  3. Develop curriculum and training materials for the training camp
Depending on funding availability, we look forward to hosting our first all girls training camp in the summer of 2020.
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