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Dear Friends,



It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the Durga Dutt Kapilashrami Smarak Sanskrit Mahavidyalay (DDKSSM) Trust, welcome you to share the journey of our foundation and celebrate its 20th anniversary. What once started as one man’s vision to support economically underprivileged youths of Uttarakhand, 20 years later, turned into an institution dedicated to education, art, and preservation of culture.


DDKSSM was founded in the memory of Late Shri Durga Dutt Kapilashrami and his wife Late Smt. Bachi Devi Kapilashrami by their nephews, the Kapilashrami brothers (Late Shri Madan Mohan, Late Shri Daya Nand, Shri Chakra Dhar, Shri Sachida Nand and Dr. Mahesh Chandra) who donated their ancestral land for construction of school campus and temple building following the establishment of the non-profit trust DDKSSM in 1996.


DDKSSM is the brainchild of Late Shri Madan Mohan Kapilashrami, founded on the belief that education is fundamental in combating poverty and creating a more tolerant and globally aware society. Together, the Kapilashrami brothers took on the responsibility to realize this vision to empower economically underprivileged youth through education based on following guiding principles (in line with the philosophy of Late Shri Durga Dutt Kapilashrami):


  • Empower improvised children by providing free education and support their boarding and lodging.

  • Ensure overall development of the students enabling them to become independent and responsible citizens.

  • Promote and propagate the Vedic language of Sanskrit, perpetuate the Indian value system, cultural heritage and the Vedic knowledge at national and international level.


We are humbled to share the journey of our organization and its successes, which are wholehearted attributed to the dedicated efforts of our trust and staff members as well as the many students who have been part of our journey. We are also very grateful to our many supporters worldwide for their kind donations over the years that facilitate our day-to-day operation, motivate our workers and ensure progress of our work while assisting with our future planning.


We would like to take the opportunity express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Late Dr. Urvish Chandra Mishra, retired School Inspector, who tirelessly served the institution and diligently supported the Trust in the capacity of the organization’s Secretary. As a Sanskrit Scholar, Mishra ji, as he was known among friends and colleagues, not only oversaw the institution’s management but was also heavily vested in ensuring the success of each student.


Lastly, we want to recognize the dedication and love with which our late uncle and the first Vice President of DDKSSM Trust, Late Shri Daya Nand Kapilashrami, guided the institution from its inception to current state. We miss him dearly in daily workings of the organization.


We welcome you to review the journey of DDKSSM and thank you for your continuous support!



On behalf of the DDKSSM Trust

Ms. Chhaya Kapilashrami

(Founding Member, President DDKSSM Trust 2007 - 2019)

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